FAQ for Christmas

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas

Q: If Santa doesn't have to age, then why has he become old?
A: He only appears to be old. He's an undercover kid.

Q: How can a sleigh possibly fly through the air?
A: If you were being pulled by eight flying reindeer, wouldn't you fly too?

Q: Why do we wish people a "Merry Christmas" instead of a "Happy Christmas"?
A: The two are about the same, but with "Merry Christmas" an extra twinkle is seen in the eyes.

Q: Why is a Christmas tree that has been chopped down called a "live Christmas tree"?
A: It's dead but doesn't know it, and yet it's having the time of its life.

Q: Why do we wrap our Christmas gifts with paper?
A: Because we like to see surprise and joy (real or kindly faked) in the recipients.

Q: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
A: Nowadays only four angels can dance there. Formerly there was no limit, but OSHA passed the Angel Safety Law recently, which also requires that the pin must be inspected twice each year for structural defects.

Q: How many gifts can Santa Claus's bag hold?
A: One less than infinity. Why one less? Because there's a limit to everything.

Q: How could a star that is high in the sky lead the Wise Men to a tiny manger on the ground?
A: Wisely, toward the end of their journey they asked directions from someone on the road. Had they not been so wise, they might have missed the manger by several hundred miles. (That person on the road has never been identified.)

Q: Is there really a Mrs. Santa Claus?
A: The best way to know for sure is to ask Santa Claus next time you see him.

Q: Why do we hear so many bells at Christmas time?
A: Because so many people ring them.

Q: Why do so many people ring bells at Christmas time?
A: For the poor, for the joy, and because a bell can say what words can't say.

Q: What can't words say?
A: The moment you wake up on Christmas morning, listen carefully. You may hear then what words can't say.

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More Christmas FAQ's by Jaci Rae

December 25th is not the real birth date of Christ. The real birth date of Christ is unknown. This tradition came about sometime after the year 440 AD.

In 1649, Lord Protector (Britain) Oliver Cromwell declared Christmas Day to be a regular working day and anyone caught celebrating Christmas on was arrested and thrown into jail. (Boy am I glad that law was overturned!)

The First Christmas Stamp was released in Canada in the year 1898.

Turkey was imported by the French Jesuits to France. In some places it is still known in French dialects as "Jesuite."

Until the 19th Century, the British Post Office would still deliver Christmas Mail on Christmas Day.

In England, Christmas Day is celebrated solemnly, but with joy as everyone heads to church to celebrate the birth of Christ. It isn't until December 26th, also known as Boxing Day that presents are exchanged and opened.

Update on England. A correction has been made by one of our readers. The above was given to me by my Grandfather who was born there. However a big thank you to Fiona Pinsker for updating us on the current events. She wrote the following:
"I think there is a major mistake on it regarding Christmas in England. We all open gifts on christmas day and always have done so. The tradition of Boxing Day is when you give gifts to all the work peopple in your life...such as the Postman, Milkmen, people who collect the bins! In the past it may have been a "box" of food or things such as that, but these days people usually give them a small tip."

The tradition of putting lumps of coal in a naughty child's stocking originated in Italy.

In Australia, they don't say Merry Christmas, but Happy Christmas. Why? Because in Australia, Merry means drunken.

In 1834 Queen Victoria's Husband, Prince Albert, brought the very first Christmas tree to the Royal Palace in Windsor, better known as Windsor Castle.

Xmas, better known as an abbreviation for Christmas is of Greek origin. Christ in Greek is Xristos. During the 16th century, Europeans began using the first initial of Christ's name, X (in Greek the letter X is also the letter "Chi.") in place of the word Christ, ergo the short hand name, X - Christ and Mas for the mass of celebration - going to Church.

Some famous births and Christmas Day

1642 Sir Isaac Newton One of the greatest mathematicians of all time.

1717 Pope Pius VI

1821 Clara Barton - founder of the Red Cross

1887 Conrad Hilton Famous Hotel Mogul

1899 Humphrey Bogart Famous Hollywood Actor

1930 Cab Calloway Famous Jazz singer and band leader.

1936 Princess Alexandra

1946 Larry Csonka Fullback for the Miami Dolphins and Football Hall of Fame Inductee.

1948 Barbara Mandrell Famous Country Singer and Country Hall of Fame as well as Grand Ole Opry Inductee and member.

1949 Sissy Spacek Famous Hollywood actress and Oscar winner.

1954 Annie Lennox Famous Rock singer.

1958 Rickey Henderson Famous Baseball player who set the record for the most stolen bases, most walks and most runs scored.

1969 Prince Bernard, Jr. of Netherlands.

I am certain there are more, but these are all the people I could find records for!

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