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The History of the Crown Center

Excerps taken directly from the Hallmark site

"The Crown Center is home to the international headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc. It was the vision of Joyce C. Hall, Hallmark founder, and his son, Hallmark Chairman Donald J. Hall, to build Crown Center and reverse years of decay in an area just 10 blocks from Kansas City's downtown commercial district. This innovative urban entertainment district stands as an important example of what private industry can do to halt decay and revitalize the inner city.

Since its groundbreaking in 1968, about half of Crown Center's original 85 acres have been developed. Today the complex boasts hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants, shops and theatres in addition to the world headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc. Visitors can tour the Hallmark Visitors Center to learn the history of Hallmark Cards and rags-to-riches story of how Joyce Hall created an international institution based on caring. Perhaps it's the Hallmark philosophy, "When you care enough...", that helps make Crown Center such a great place to visit.

Also on the Crown Center grounds is Hallmark's Kaleidoscope for children. Kaleidoscope is a celebration of creativity at every turn, where children journey to a whimsical world in which they can explore their surroundings and expand their imagination in a hands-on, success-guaranteed environment. It's a great place to stimulate the mind of a child."

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