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Click to read a Classic and other Christmas Stories. I love them all and have shed a tear of joy and warmth for just about every one!

Below the Christmas stories you can find links to a few of the poems I have written since the age of 5. Most are not Christmas, but I thought I would include a few of them anyway!

A Christmas Carol

A Glass of Milk - The Milk of Human Kindness A True Story

A Miracle at Christmas

A Soldiers Christmas Story

Angels In The Classroom

Angel on a Doorstep

Beauty and Love

The Boy and the Fireman This is one of my personal favorites! Get a kleenex! Most of these stories are so sweet they make you cry!

Caller ID

Christmas Guest

Daddy's Empty Chair

Different Twas the Night Before Christmas

New Twist on Footprints in the Sand

Heavens Gold

Heaven's Grocery Store

Keep Your Fork

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moring

Mr. Miller's Roadside Stand

The Box

The Gift of the Childs Box

The Gift of the Magi

The Gold Slippers This is another one of my personal favorites! Get another kleenex! They even wrote a song after this story!

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

The Little Match Stick Girl

The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth

Mayhem in the Home (funny)

Miss Humbug By Marnie L. Pehrson (Busy executive, Elaina Houston, sees Christmas not only as a complete waste of time and money, but also it brings with it haunting memories.)

The Miracle of Sisters Love

The Original Christmas Story - The Birth of Christ

Old Christmas Day

Sacrifice of Love

The Second Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

Teach the Children - Santa Comes

Three Trees

True Sportsmanship (Learn about the Special Olympics and how you can become involved!)

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Unfolding the Rose

Yes, Viriginia, There Is A Santa Claus

The W in Christmas



The History of Graduation Day, The Cap and The Gown Worn

The Graduation Day Poem

The Girl in the Mirror Poem

Your Spirit Flows Within Me Love Poem

Yesterday Was a Wasted Today Poetry

To Grandma With Love Poem

The Window of My Heart Love Poem

The Library Poem

The Hostages Poem

The Eyes of Music Poetry

Frustration Poetry

Sweet 17 Poem

The Sun Sets Love Poem

China Doll Poem

The Eyes Poem

Special Person In My Life Love Poem

Special Friend Poetry

Somewhere in This World There's Gotta Be Poem (I wrote this when I was 7)

I Saw you Standing in the Sunlight Love Poetry

Sister / Friend Poem (my sister and I wrote these back and forth to each other several before she was killed.)

Saying I'm Sorry Love Poem

Solace to my Soul Love Poem

My Someone Special Poem

Love Is a Four Letter Word Love Poem

A Lonely Woman Poem

A Sister's Sorrow Poem (I wrote this when my sister was killed in a drunk driving accident)

Many Times Before (Hurting) Love Poem

Live Each Day Poetry

The IV Acts Poetry

I Saw Your Face Love Poetry

Footsteps Poem

A Warm Glow Love Poem

A Sister's Sonnet Poem (I wrote this one also when my sister was killed)

A Passion Swells Love Poem

A Faded Memory Poetry

Happy Poetry

Inspired by You Love Poem

Jaci Rae has been named "The Christmas Expert!" She is also the author of Collista's Search for the True Meaning of Christmas! Congratulations Jaci Rae!

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